Benjamin Silas Saunders

Born: unknown
Sex: Male
Married: 1. December 3, 1845 in Bedford County Virginia to Lockey W.G. Kasey
  2. January 5, 1865 in Bedford County, Virginia to Martha Ellen Overstreet
Died: unknown




John Saunders   Mary Lazenby


Lockey W.G. Kasey
Martha Ellen Overstreet

Children with Lockey W.G. Kasey:

George G. Saunders
Mary R. Saunders
daughter Saunders
John James Saunders
Malisa J. Saunders
Robert G. Saunders
Thomas J. Saunders
Benjamin L. Saunders
Mary E. Saunders
Emma L. Saunders

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