John Henry Saunders, Sr.

John Henry Saunders, Sr. with his wife, Callie Williamson

Born: July 22, 1850 in Bedford County, Virginia
Sex: Male
Married: August 28, 1872 in Purgatory Springs, Texas
Died: November 3, 1919 in San Marcos, Texas




Thomas David Saunders, Sr.   Susan Sabra Burnett


Calladonia Modeline Williamson


Susan Sabra Saunders
Virginia Alice Saunders
Lillie May Saunders
Maggie Ann Saunders
Callie Fannie Saunders
John Henry Saunders, Jr.
William Edgar Saunders
Rosie Mabel Saunders
Thomas Joseph Saunders, Sr.
Louis Yell Saunders, Sr.
James Russell Saunders, Sr.
Mary Emma Saunders
Daniel Oatman Saunders,Sr.

Info: Place of Burial: San Marcos, Texas

Sources: The Saunders Family History, as told to Calla Day Enlow by Lillie Saunders Day, and from records compiled by Ed. M. Day and his niece, Fannie A. Quaife.
Information provided by Danny Saunders
Marshall Wingfields "Pioneer Families of Franklin County, Virginia"
Melvin A. Scott, Raney Collection, (Vol. 59, 60), Roanoke Public Library, Roanoke, Virginia

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