John Summers Blount, Jr.

Thomas, John Sr, Fannie, and John Jr. Blount

Born: July 2, 1909 in Gladys, Campbell County, Virginia
Sex: Male
Married: 1. February 18, 1939 in Rustburg, Campbell County, Virginia to Elizabeth Stone
  2. November 1, 1947 in Lynchburg, Virginia to Dorothy Marion Price
Died: March 19, 1980




John Summers Blount, Sr.   Fanny Margaret Trent


Elizabeth Stone
Dorothy Marion Price

Children with Elizabeth Stone:

infant Blount

Children with Dorothy Marion Price:

Bessie Margaret Blount
Mildred L. Blount

Place of Burial: Fort Hill Burial Park, Lynchburg, Virginia

Ivan Trent and Judith (Trent) Leezer, May We Remember, (Compiled: May, 1980).
U.S. Social Security Administration, 1994, Social Security Death Benefit Records.
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