Maude Belle Ayers

Also known as: Maudie Belle Ayers Musgrove Johnson Musgrove
Born: May 7, 1899 in Bedford County, Virginia
Sex: Female
Married: 1. 1920 to Robert Thomas Musgrove
  2. 1923 to John T. Johnson
  3. 1940 to Olen B. Musgrove
Died: March 8, 1991 in Baltimore, Maryland




Moncie A. Ayers   Charmie Lee unknown


Robert Thomas Musgrove
John T. Johnson
Olen B. Musgrove

Child with Robert Thomas Musgrove:

Sibyl Musgrove

Place of Burial: Radford Church Cemetery, Bedford County, Virginia
Sources: Information provided by Bertie Mae Saunders Trent
Janie Moseley Garraghty Jordan, Descendants of Joseph Wilkerson (12 May 1729-15 March 1829) and Allied Families of Bedford County, Virginia, (Warwick House Publishing, Lynchburg, Virginia, 1995). Email: Janie Moseley Garraghty Jordan
Cemetery, Musgrove Cemetery at Smith Mountain Lake near State Park, Bedford County, Virginia. Cemetery, Radford Church Cemetery, Bedford County, Virginia.

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