Rickie Odelle Trent

Born: September 13, 1951 in Lynchburg, Virginia
Sex: Male
Married: 1. September 19, 1972 to Judy Reynolds
  2. December 22, 1979 in Lynchburg, Virginia to Laura Elizabeth Robey
  3. unknown date to Amy Susan Windtberg




Leonard Wood Trent   Dolly Odelle Gunter


Judy Reynolds
Laura Elizabeth Robey
Amy Susan Windtberg

Children with Judy Reynolds:

Rickie Scott Trent
April Renee Trent

Children with Laura Elizabeth Robey:

Richard Davis Trent
Kristian Brooke Trent
Kellie Ryan Trent

Children with Amy Susan Windtberg:

Tiffany Lynn Trent
Leonard Wood Trent, II
Ashley Johanna Lee Trent


Information provided by Rickie Odelle Trent himself.
"Obituary, Leonard W. Trent," The News, November 30, 1979, Lynchburg, Virginia.
"Obituary, Dolly Odelle Gunter Trent," The News, March 3, 1986, Lynchburg, Virginia.

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