Thomas Daniel Saunders, Sr.

Born: December 19, 1911 in Roanoke, Virginia
Sex: Male
Married: 1. Before 1945 to Barbara Ruth Wolverton
  2. April 15, 1950 in Roanoke, Virginia to Vergie Belle Hatcher
Died: October 20, 1967 in Newport News, Virginia




Wade Hampton Saunders, Sr.   Coley Blanche Lovell


Barbara Ruth Wolverton
Vergie Belle Hatcher

Children with Barbara Ruth Wolverton:

Barbara Sue Saunders

Children with Virgie Belle Hatcher:

Martha Jean Saunders
Thomas Daniel Saunders, Jr.
Charles William Saunders
Anne Louise Saunders
Mary Alice Saunders

Occupation: Dentist
Place of Burial: Peninsula Memorial Park, Newport News, Virginia

Sources: Information provided by Bill Saunders

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