William Branch

Born: Between 1524-1538 in Abingdon, Berkshire,England
Sex: Male
Married: 1. August 2, 1553 to Elizabeth Waltham
  2. About 1556 to Katherine Jennings
Died: February 7, 1601/02




Richard Branch   Elizabeth Beauforest


Elizabeth Waltham
Katherine Jennings

Children with Katherine Jennings:

Elizabeth Branch
Thomas Branch
Richard Branch
Mary Branch
Ann Branch
Eleanor Branch
Lionel Branch
Barbara Branch
Martha Branch
William Branch
Katherine Branch

Gentleman. Woolen draper, Mayor and Member of Parliament for borough at Abingdon

Place of Burial: St. Helen's church, Abingdon, England

"One of his [Thomas Branch's] acquaintances in London was John Roysse, a prosperous mercer of Abingdon origin, who in 1563, reestablished a grammer school in his native town, which flourishes still today. Thomas was a witness to both the grants of lands in London, with which Royse endowed the school. Since the corporation of the town was intimately connected with the new foundation of John Roysse, Thomas' brother, William, who served as mayor in 1563-1564, would be even more closely connected with much of the preparatory work of setting the new school on its feet. Both Branch brothers were, in all probability, fellow scholars of Roysse at the old mediaeval school in the town."

William Branch owned the Bull Inn in Littlebury, inherited it from his brother, Thomas

Will proved in Prerogative Court of Canterbury on April 24, 1602

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