William Davis Saunders

Also known as: William David Saunders
Born: 1725 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Sex: Male
Married: 1787 to Ann Dove
Died: date unknown




Heinrich Saunders(Henry Saunders/Sanders)   Anna Elizabeth Mahler


Polly unknown
Ann Dove

Children with Polly:

Daniel Green Saunders, Sr.
Robert Saunders
John Saunders
Peggy Saunders
Elizabeth Ann Saunders
Lucy Saunders
Jacob Saunders
Catherine Saunders
Dorcas Saunders

Info: Came to Virginia from Pennsylvania, settling first in Pittsylvania County, later moving to Bedford County, Virginia in 1730
Sources: Saunders file #1, Bedford County Museum, Bedford County, Virginia
Melvin A. Scott, Raney Collection, (Vol. 59, 60), Roanoke Public Library, Roanoke, Virginia

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