Beauford Newlyn Trent, Sr.

Beauford Newlyn Trent, Sr. and his wife, Nona Mink (1932)

Born: August 10, 1910 in Gamoca, West Virginia
Sex: Male
Married: 1. May 6, 1933 in Fayetteville, West Virginia to Nona Mink
  2. October 4, 1954 in Charleston, West Virginia to Ann Burgraph
Died: October 4, 1976 in Page, West Virginia




James William Trent   Grace Oneal Shupe


Nona Mink
Ann Burgraph

Children with Nona Mink:

Beauford Newlyn Trent, Jr.
Marjorie Louise Trent
Herman Alderson Trent
Calvin Edward Trent, Sr.
Lloyd Nolan Trent
Danny Lyn Trent
David Luther Trent

Children with Ann Burgraph:

Allen Dale Trent.
James Newlyn Trent
Judith Gaynelle Trent
Robin Annette Trent

  • Occupation: Foreman, Valley Camp Coal Co., Hugheston, W.Va.
  • Place of Burial: Restlawn Cemetery, Victor, West Virginia

  • As Provided by Calvin Edward Trent, Sr.
  • Ivan Trent and Judith (Trent) Leezer, May We Remember, (Compiled: May, 1980).
  • U.S. Social Security Administration, 1994, Social Security Death Benefit Records.

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