Margaret Carwile

Also known as: Peggy Carwile/Carwiles Trent
Born: 1808 in Campbell County, Virginia
Sex: Female
Married: August 8, 1832 in Campbell County, Virginia
Died: April 1894 in Campbell County, Virginia




Jacob M. Carwile, Jr.   Martha Scott


James William Trent, Sr.


Sarah F. Trent
James William Trent, Jr.
Thomas Henry Trent
Nancy Jane Trent
Margaret Trent
Jacob E. Trent
Albert Carwile Trent
Gilliam Hardrick Trent, Sr.
David Trent

Place of Burial: New Chapel Church Cemetary, Rustburg, Virginia.

The following poem was submitted by Della Trent Pillow with the following postscript:

"This poem was written by my father's mother (Mrs. Peggy Trent). She died April 1894 at my father's home the week before I was born in April."


The thread of a young life broken,
    But golden memories cling,
The last fond words are spoken,
    And the spirit taken wing.
The lingering night ended,
    and oh! how great the loss,
But smiles and tears are blended,
    For it's only a step across.

When the light of day is fading,
    And the wanderer's work is done,
We believe, with angels aiding,
    Another victory won.
Of the great Beyond we're dreaming.
    All doubts to the winds we toss,
For heaven, with happiness beaming,
    Is only a step across.

In fancy we see the departed,
    The smile on lost days we trace,
And though we are nigh broken hearted,
    God plants in the mind, the dear face.
Around the mounds in the church yard
    Cluster memories, flowers and moss,
And a requiem from the angel bard
    Says it's only a step across.

No trial's too hard to bear
    No cross e'er breaks us down.
The thorns come with the roses fair,
    That the head may wear the crown.
And if then we trust the All Giving,
    We know it their gain; our loss,
For we feel that the dead are living,
    And it's only a step across.

Listed in marriage record as Peggy Carwiles
Listed in "The Lynchburg Virginian" marriage announcement as Mary Carwiles

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