Thomas Howard Trent

In front, Lori and Amy Crawford.
In back, Enoch, holding Emily and Jordan, Tommy holding Niki, and Janice Crawford.
Also known as: Tommy Trent
Born: August 3, 1960 in Baltimore, Maryland
Sex: Male
Married: 1. June 24, 1977 in Clifton Forge, Virginia to Arlene Jennings
  2. September 13, 1991 in Orlando, Florida to Santa Monica Baez Vega




Aubrey Harding Trent   Joyce June Spangler


Arlene Jennings
Santa Monica Baez Vega

Child with Arlene Jennings:

Melanie Lynn Trent

Child with Santa Monica Baez Vega:

Chaneen Nichole Trent


Information provided by Janice Crawford.
Information provided by Thomas Trent himself.
Ivan Trent and Judith (Trent) Leezer, May We Remember, (Compiled: May, 1980).

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