Thomas Tazewell Saunders

Mary Mildred and Thomas Tazewell Saunders
Also known as: Squire Tom Saunders
Born: October 14, 1837 in Bedford County, Virginia
Sex: Male
Married: About 1865 in Bedford County, Virginia
Died: June 22, 1919 in Bedford County, Virginia




Benjamin Henry Saunders   Mary Ann Kasey


Mary Mildred Morgan


Daniel Penn Saunders
George T. Saunders
Sarah Louisa Saunders
William Hammett Saunders
Samuel Henry Saunders
Jesse Christo Saunders
Mary Catherine Saunders
Robert L. Saunders
James Harvey Saunders
Homer Saunders

Info: Died of pneumonia
Place of Burial: Morgan's Church Cemetery, near Stone Mountain, Bedford County, Virginia

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Information provided by Melvin Trent
Information provided by Max Donald Kirby

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