Benjamin Henry Saunders

Also known as: Henry Saunders
Born: September 11, 1809 in Bedford County Virginia
Sex: Male
Married: 1. February 1, 1832 in Bedford County Virginia to Mary Ann Kasey
  2. February 4, 1846 in Bedford County, Virginia to Eliza Ann Musgrove
Died: January 1, 1855 in Bedford County Virginia




Daniel Green Saunders, Sr.   Frances Elizabeth Davis


Mary Ann Kasey
Eliza Ann Musgrove

Children with Mary Ann Kasey:

Calloway Saunders
Daniel J. Saunders
John H. Saunders
Thomas Tazewell Saunders
William Green Saunders
Jesse L. Saunders
Fanny Jane Saunders
George G. Saunders

Children with Eliza Ann Musgrove:

Ursula A.L. Saunders
Christopher Columbus Saunders
Elvira Saunders

Info: Marriage bond dated February 3, 1832.

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