Christopher Columbus Saunders

Mary Ann Saunders and Christopher C. Saunders, with children, Escar Thomas and Fanny Lillian
Also known as: Kit Saunders
Born: May 27, 1852 in Bedford County, Virginia
Sex: Male
Married: December 22, 1875 in Bedford County, Virginia
Died: April 2, 1921




Benjamin Henry Saunders   Eliza Ann Musgrove


Mary Ann Saunders


Escar Thomas Saunders
Fanny Lillian Saunders
Laura Saunders

  • Died of heart problems
  • Place of Burial: Saunders Family Cemetery, Bedford County, Virginia

  • Information provided by Bertie Mae Saunders
  • U.S. Census, Bedford County, Virginia, 1860, 1880
  • Marriage Records, Bedford County, Virginia, Book 2, Pg. 54
  • Melvin A. Scott, Raney Collection, (Vol. 59, 60), Roanoke Public Library, Roanoke, Virginia

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