Reuben Columbus Trent

Reuben Trent with his wife Bertie Saunders Trent and baby Joyce

Born: September 1, 1918 in Campbell County, Virginia
Sex: Male
Married: December 23, 1943 in Lynchburg, Virginia
Died: July 8, 1982 in Lynchburg, Virginia




Thomas Reuben Trent   Mamie Lou Frazier


Bertie Mae Saunders


Melvin Clyde Trent
Janet Katherine Trent
Joyce Marie Trent
Drema Darlene Trent
Donnie Ray Trent
Karen Sue Trent

Died of lung cancer.
Place of Burial: Fort Hill Cemetery, Lynchburg, Virginia

Sources: Birth Certificate, Registration Dist. 153, Reg. # 11, File # 41676
Certificate of Marriage, State Department of Health, Richmond, Virginia

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