Mamie Lou Frazier

Also known as: Mamie Lou Frazier Trent, Mamie Moorefield
Born: April 17, 1884 in Virginia
Sex: Female
Married: 1. April 16, 1901 in Roxboro, North Carolina to Thomas Reuben Trent
  2. December 24, 1925 in Lynchburg, Virginia to Curtis Moorfield, Sr.
Died: May 23, 1950




Stephen Fletcher Frazier   Kate unknown


Thomas Reuben Trent
Samuel Curtis Moorefield, Sr.

Children with Thomas Reuben Trent::

Ida Katherine Trent
Walter William Trent
Infant Trent (born 1903, died 1903)
Cleland Milton Trent
Ruth Thomas Trent
Robert Harris Trent
Gilliam Harvard Trent
Inious Cornelius Trent
Reuben Columbus Trent
Aubrey Harding Trent
Lyle David Trent

Child with Curtis Moorefield, Sr.:

Samuel Curtis Moorefield, Jr.

Info: Place of Burial: Presbyterian Cemetery, Lynchburg, Virginia
Information provided by Bertie Mae Saunders
Census Records, U.S. Census, 1900 Campbell County, Virginia.
Ivan Trent and Judith (Trent) Leezer, May We Remember, (Compiled: May, 1980).
Cemetery, Presbyterian Cemetery, Lynchburg, Virginia

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