Walter William Trent, Sr.

Raymond Trent
Raymond, Willie, and Lena Trent.

Also known as: Willie Trent, William Wesley Trent
Born: November 30, 1903 in Campbell County, Virginia
Sex: Male
Married: 1. May 21, 1924 to Elsie Mae Miller
  2. After 1927 to Nellie Sarten
  3. Rita unknown
Died: April 26, 1967 in Jacksboro, Tennessee




Thomas Reuben Trent   Mamie Lou Frazier


Elsie Mae Miller
Nellie Sarten
Rita unknown

Children with Elsie Mae Miller:

Raymond Edward Trent
William Wesley Trent, Jr.

Children with Nellie Sarten:

Robert Lee Trent
Marvin Thomas Trent

Child with Mable Trent:

Margie Trent

  • Born as William Wesley Trent, changed his name to Walter William Trent as an adult
  • Occupation: Textile Loom Repairman
  • Place of Burial: Jacksboro, Tennessee

  • Information provided by Bertie Mae (Saunders) Trent
  • Information provided by Bill Trent
  • Ivan Trent and Judith (Trent) Leezer, May We Remember, (Compiled: May, 1980)

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